Hey kids, guess who’s coming back

So recap, Doctor Octopus swaps minds with Peter Parker and takes over his body. Peter Parker realizes this and attempts to get his body back, ultimately fails and dies in Doc Oct’s body. Some time later Doc Ock..er, Superior Spiderman finds out that Peter’s psyche still exists and has been guiding his recent actions and decides to finally wipe out Peter for good. And he eventually succeeds……

Or does he???

In the recent Superior Spiderman issue it seems that old Doc’s status is slowly fading away from around him, case in point that he couldn’t stop the diaster that ended with Horizon Labs from disappearing (I say trapped in time), having Peter Parker fired,  M.J. finally throwing in the towel on their fragile relationship and someone finally found a connection that ties Superior Spiderman to Doc Ock. Oh snap!

But just then, when you realize what else could go wrong for the guy, this happens.


Take a gander at the point of the picture. That’s not some seemingly random image, no, that my friends looks like the silhouette of our favor web slinger persona, the original Peter Parker. Going forth it looks like Peter wasn’t eradicated completely and is trying to rise from the rumble of his shattered mind. Is Peter coming back?

Was Dan Slott trolling us all?