CW’s Upcoming Riverdale series drop new trailer

Riverdale, the upcoming modern day take on the Archie Comics long running series presented by The CW, has released the latest trailer that show off the characters, locations and some of the plot for the show. So what do we get from the trailer based on a comic book series that started in 1946? Do we get the lighthearted 1950s malt shop antics of Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and all the other classic characters? Do we get a lighthearted remake on modern topics tackled in a comedic style like the 1968 animated series did? Do we get Sabrina in the series at all?

Nope! We don’t get anything that is traditionally Archie, especially the Sabrina references since I think her TV rights are still owned by the company that did the Sabrina The Teenage Witch TV series that ran from 1998 to 2003. As for Riverdale, I hope you like grim, dark, I know What You Did Last Summer style mysteries full of murder and people who can’t trust anyone else because of some deep dark secrets? Well if you do, then you’re going to LOVE Riverdale.

As you can see from the trailer above, Riverdale is about two things: Sex and murder! Archie is the central character of the show, but also the prime suspect in the murder of some kid named Jason (A character that is so throwaway that he’s not even listed in the Wiki page for the series). Archie’s perfect life with Betty is throw into disarray as the murder plot moves forward, leading to the obvious “Do you really love me?” bullshit that comes right out of Dawson’s Creek (Remember that shit show?). Things get even more complicated as Veronica Lodge, a snobby rich bitch, arrives in town and makes a play for Archie through his “dark side”.


I’m sorry, but when I think Archie and the gang, I don’t think murder plots. The whole “fight for Archie’s heart” between Betty & Veronica sure, as that’s been a big part of the Archie Comics series since it’s introduction in 1946 all the way through to the very successful relaunch in 2015 (Seriously, go pick the latest Archie series up, it’s great!). The overall grim/dark nature of the show just pisses me right off. Not every movie and show these days needs to have that “gritty dark realism” in order to be successful or to “shake things up”. There’s still a place in this world for lighthearted comedies and dramas, and that’s what Riverdale SHOULD be.

If you’re still interested in watching the pilot episode of Riverdale, you can catch it on The CW on January 26, 2017…. Complete with Ms. Grundy having a “forbidden relationship with Archie”. No, I’m fucking serious, check the Wiki page about the character of Ms. Grundy.

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