Hint at upcoming trait cap increase for Remnant 2

Update: It looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer, as Ben “Tragic” Cureton recently revealed that the Remnant 2 trait cap increase will be released alongside the release of the first piece of Remnant 2 DLC.  As for when that will be, only Gunfire Games knows, but it did say we’ll see the DLC within the first year of Remnant 2 being released.

Original story below.

Gunfire Games Remnant 2 is an amazingly fun Soulslike that emphasizes ranged combat and has been a hit ever since the game was released in 2023. Despite this, the developer has been rolling out updates or hinting at upcoming changes. Recently, Ben “Tragic” Cureton, the principal designer of Remnant from the Ashes and Remnant 2, tweeted a message stating, “Feeling cute. Might delete later.” along with an image showing a change to the Remnant 2 trait cap that is incoming, raising the cap from 65 to 85 trait points.

A change that I’m sure will make many, including myself, quite happy.

Remnant 2 - trait cap change incoming

Remnant 2’s trait cap is currently stuck at 65 and is a far cry from the first game, Remnant from the Ashes, and has been a point of contention for players of the game. Keep in mind that when the game was launched, the trait cap was just 60 and was increased to 65, which may felt was a slap in the face. The first (actually second) game allowed players to pick from a massive pool of 880 trait points due to changes over the base game and three DLCs. Remnant 2’s trait cap is very limited, which stinks when it comes to seeing what works and making the best possible class/s.

Increasing this trait cap will allow players to take advantage of more of the available traits, which might be needed for the upcoming DLC. Not to mention the longevity of Remnant 2.

Remnant II - Hunter Archetype

Granted, nothing is set in stone as to if and when this possible change will take place. While Gunfire Games hasn’t changed its stance by removing the trait cap, it did state that the “cap value isn’t set in stone.” This possible upcoming change is proof of this. And while changing the cap to 85 isn’t what players want, it is a step in the right direction.

We also need to keep in mind that the trait system in Remnant from the Ashes was adjusted and tweaked over several DLCs, so it’s not too much to expect that the same thing will happen with Remnant 2. The game is slated to receive three DLC packs, which will add ” new story elements, creatures, and environments” and will be released within one year of launch (of Remnant 2). Seeing how we’re only three months since Remnant 2 was released, we still may have some time ahead of us before we see the first DLC content released. Or… perhaps this trait change is part of an upcoming DLC.

Remnant 2 is available on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. If you haven’t read our review or watched it, why not? In my eyes, it’s a fantastic game and Game of the Year material.

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