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Lords of the Fallen Halloween Event Guide

CI Games and Hexworks have added Halloween fun into Lords of the Fallen with a new questline that awards players a creepy-looking Pumpkin mask called the Pumpskin mask. It’s a short questline, but players must head to multiple locations and interact with several Umbral Echoes.

But you can get lost if you aren’t familiar with the locations and, specifically, haven’t beaten a specific boss that is part of this questline.

How to complete the Lords of the Fallen Halloween Event

In this video guide, we’ll show you where you’ll need to head to in the ruined kingdom of Mournstead.

Lastly, this questline isn’t all about finding things, as it will conclude with a fight with a boss called the Spirit of the Bleak Season, a Scarlet Shadow / Red Reaper wearing a Pumpskin mask. You’ll get the Pumpskin mask and 8x Umbral Scourrings for your efforts.

What is the Pumpskin mask?

Once you complete the steps and fight the boss, you’ll get the Pumpskin mask. But what’s nice about this mask is, outside of it looking hideous, it has an increased item discovery rate. Adding this to your set will help you find more items.

Lords of the Fallen - Pumpskin Mask

Lords of the Fallen is available for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC and is the best next-generation Soulslike I’ve had the pleasure of playing yet. I especially loved the ability to seamlessly switch between the living world of Axiom and the Umbral world of the dead. Read our review of Lords of the Fallen to see how we feel about the game.

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