Lords of the Fallen 2023 - Freeing Kukajin

How to free the Petrified Woman in Lords of the Fallen (2023)

During your journey through the Forsaken Fen in Lords of the Fallen (2023), you’ll come across a woman, Kukajin, who is petrified. You’ll find her by listening to her whistling, and when you find her, she tells you a story of how she came to be in that state. That said, she wants you to free her by removing something from her. But don’t do that, as the quest wording is wrong.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 - Freeing Kukajin

However, you have two options:

Option 1: Free her by using the Sancify spell from the Radiant magic tree, which will cleanse her. If you don’t have this spell, this is located in the tower on Skyrest Bridge, at the very top, and just after you fought the first boss. If you use this on her and free her, she’ll reward you with the Pendant of Induration, which increases your physical defense. You’ll be able to continue on with her quest line, which will reward you with her sword, armor, and shield.

She’ll also be available as a summon for fighting bosses, but you better pay her afterward, or you’ll have some trouble on your hands. But before you do that, leave and rest, then come back. The item that was behind her, Wilmarc’s Catalyst, will be available. This catalyst is one of the better ones for Radiance magic and allows you to slot four spells instead of three.

Finally, head to Skyrest, and look for her in one of the open gated rooms. She actually tells you to find her on the bridge, but that’s incorrect.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 - Where to find Kukajin after freeing her

Option 2: Kill her by hitting her with your weapon twice. If you hit her once, it won’t kill her, but doing it again will end her quest line and lock you out of the quest line,  armor, and weapon. But if you don’t have the required Radiance level to use the Sancify spell, you won’t be able to free her anyway. Doing so will give you access to her sword and Wilmarc’s Catalyst.

I’d rather do option one, and if you don’t have the Radiance level, you can always build it up and come back, especially since you’ll need her armor and weapon for several achievements and trophies.

Lords of the Fallen (2023) is available for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.