What are Severed Hands and where to get them in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen (2023) features both a cooperative and PVP mode, so players can choose to help out players or invade their worlds and kill them. In this piece, we’ll talk about that portion, or what Hexworks calls Slaughter Lampbearer, and what to do with the Severed Hands, which are the items you’ll get from the PVP portion of Lords of the Fallen.

How to get Severed Hands

Anytime you attempt to invade someone’s world via the “Slaughter Lampbearer” option and successfully defeat that player, you’ll earn a Severed Hand, or if that player ends up turning the tables, they’ll end up earning Severed Hands instead.

Once you have enough, and we’re taking hundreds, you’ll want to head to the Shrine of Adyr, so you can hand in those Severed Hands for some rewards. To get there, you’ll have to first defeat the Ruiner Boss, which takes place on a bridge. After beating that boss, you’ll have to do a small puzzle that requires you to use your Soulflay and then some platforming. Be careful, as you’ll need to be in Umbral form, and there’s a lot of enemies heading to the shrine.

You can watch the video below to see how this is done. It is a bit long as it was part of a live stream and the number of enemies we had to take down to get to the shrine. We do apologize for that.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 - Severed Hands --02

Once you’ve reached the Shrine of Adyr and you have enough of the Severed Hands, you can purchase armor shaders, and Charred Fingers, which will help you earn more Severed Hands and armor.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 - Severed Hands --01

We hope this Lords of the Fallen guide helps you on your PVP journey, and if you see us online, play nice.