KOF XV DLC|HINAKO SHIJO|Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer 0-18 screenshot

Hinako Shijo Returns To The Stage In KOFXV

Hinako Shijo – the latest fighter in the KOFXV roster, just got her trailer out before her appearance.

A budding high school girl pushing the art of sumo to the fairer sex, makes her return. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen the blonde destructive force, probably since her KOF 2003 end and NESTS saga debut run. With almost as devastating hand slaps as Street Fighter’s E. Honda, Hinako is a free agent this time, doing what she does best without her original washroom/powder room/clubbing lady pack of Mai, Yuri, and Kasumi to back Hinako up like her previous outings.

At first glance, Hinako’s kit seems to have its original tricks intact for normals up to her Climax Super, which is somewhat different. Her favorites remain intact, including wall pushes and quick sumo slaps. Shijo’s climax super takes the all the rice with a slam to end it. Some of her specials include launchers now compared to their original, thanks to EX. Her original 2k2 UM Climax move has been demoted to Super Desperation while she gains a brand new Climax. Hinako is a command throw heavy akin to other grapplers and isn’t afraid to show it.

I was still in shock and awe, hoping for another particularly well-established woman fighter to step back onto the KOF stage instead since the silhouette matched her, too. Alas, the silhouette game moved to the sumo ring girl’s favor. Hinako joins several other DLC solo acts for Season 2 with a November 14th release date. Hinako Shijo’s inclusion will conclude Season 2’s DLC map of characters Shingo Yabuki, Kim Kaphwan, Sylvie Paula Paula, Najd, Duo Lon, and the boss you love to hate – Goentiz. Season 3 remains uncertain at this time of writing.

King Of Fighters XV is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.