King of Fighters XV

King of Fighters XV Review – Perhaps the Best Fighting Game To Date?

The latest entry of the King of Fighters series, with King of Fighters XV, is here. Bringing with it a slew of updates in terms of gameplay mechanics, roster change-ups, and aesthetics. But does the game course correct the series after the bad taste that was King of Fighters XIV? Our two fighting game fans seem to think that it does and break it down in their King of Fighters XV video review.

Game Name: King of Fighters XV
Platform(s): PS4/PS5 (Reviewed), Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC
Publisher(s): Koch Media
Developer(s): SNK
Release Date: 2/17/2022

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King of Fighters XV is perhaps the most accessible game in the series so far. Rollback netcode, great fighting game mechanics, and amazing visuals and sounds flesh out the game, and make it one of the better King of Fighters titles we’ve played in a while. 


  • Rollback netcode
  • Rollback netcode!!!!!
  • Easy to jump into, with plenty to master
  • Amazing soundtrack and sound effects


  • Rush mode dial-a-combo system needs a disable toggle
  • Some character’s move inputs have been changed