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Duty Support added to all of Final Fantasy XIV

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are large-scale social games with expansive worlds and countless hours of content to explore. Players enjoy these games for the social experience and high levels of teamwork often required when completing necessary story dungeons (Till Duty Support was added). However, this can be daunting for players who enjoy a solo experience. Bucking this trend, Final Fantasy XIV Online (FFXIV) has a myriad of content for solo players, including main scenario quests, job quests, Island Sanctuary, The Gold Saucer, crafting, gathering, and other side quests.

As of Patch 6.5: Growing Light (released 3 October 2023), solo players can use the Duty Support system to complete additional main story (main scenario quests) dungeons from the base game and all four expansions that previously required matchmaking with other players. 

What is the Duty Support system?

The Duty Support system pairs solo players with three NPC party members allowing them to experience dozens of compulsory four-player dungeons in the game without having to find a party of human players.

Final Fantasy XIV Duty Support


While cooperative play is the building block of most MMOs, many dedicated fans of the Final Fantasy series have long been accustomed to experiencing a story solo. With the recent expansion of the Duty Support system, players can do just that!

The Duty Support system automatically allocates the right NPC classes to sort the party into the most balanced composition of 2 damage dealers (abbreviated to DPS), 1 Tank, and 1 Healer. The system allows solo players to explore dungeons at their own leisure and keep all of the loot at the end of a dungeon (NPCs can’t be jealous that you got that rare minion drop!).

Players invested in the story and worldbuilding of Final Fantasy XIV Online will see flavor text and unique dialogue from the Support NPCs that enhance the dungeon’s story and world at large, with some dialogue providing unique insights into the characters and lore. 

Final Fantasy XIV Duty Support

When players complete all of the dungeons from one of Final Fantasy XIV Online’s expansions, they’ll unlock the Trust system. This expands Duty Support by allowing players to replay dungeons with some of their favorite NPC characters from the game, called Avatars. Avatars receive experience when completing dungeons, and players can earn achievements and titles for reaching the Avatar’s maximum level.

The Duty Support and Trust systems allow solo players to experience the full potential of Final Fantasy XIV Online’s spanning story. Players interested in trying FFXIV solo should sign up for the Free Trial on PC or PlayStation. The Free Trial has no time limit, and as of Patch 6.5, it includes the base game (A Realm Reborn) and the Heavensward and Stormblood expansions, allowing players to level up to level 70. You can sign up for the Free Trial here.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV is the MMORPG that keeps on giving, and ever since we reviewed it so many years ago, the game hasn’t stopped growing. As we mentioned before, it’s the perfect comeback story, and once you give the game a try, I’m sure you’ll agree with us.