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A Guide to Dailies in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online (FFXIV) is known for its intricate story sprawling vast lands and four unique expansions. But there is plenty to do once you reach the end of the story. Here are some of the best daily activities you can do in Eorzea.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Dungeons

Duty Roulettes

Expert and Levelling Duty Roulettes are the first points of call for most adventurers, with refreshed rewards daily. Players complete Roulettes to collect Tomestones (endgame FFXIV currency used to purchase stronger gear) if at max level or gain experience to level up their jobs (including alternate jobs).

Players should focus on Expert Roulette which grants a large amount of Tomestones. Expert Roulette will put you into either of the two latest dungeons added to FFXIV! Note: players can only collect 450 Tomestones to purchase the strongest gear per week, so you may want to skip this roulette once you’ve hit the cap!

Another roulette, Levelling Roulette, will put players into a lower-level dungeon to help them level up a lower-level alternate job. Levelling Roulettes provides a massive amount of experience!

Here is the full list of roulettes available at endgame in Endwalker:

Final Fantasy XIV Online Beast Tribes

Beast Tribes

Throughout the expansions of FFXIV, many Beast Tribes have come to offer daily quests for  Warriors of Light to complete. Players can complete up to 12 quests per day, each providing its own set of rewards and experience.

In Endwalker, there are three Beast Tribes that will offer you daily quests, the Arkosodara, the Omicrons, and the Loporrits.

The Arkosodara is an elephant race located in Thavnair and provides daily quests for combat jobs, rewarding experience for lower level jobs, tomestones for max level jobs, and tokens to spend on cosmetics and combat materia.

The Omicron are robots located in Ultima Thule and provide daily quests for Disciples of the Land, the gathering jobs. Rewarding players with experience for lower level jobs, a cordial that boosts your gathering capabilities and tokens to spend on cosmetics and gatherer materia.

Finally, we have the Loporrits, the moon-dwelling bunnies in Mare Lamentorum provide daily quests for the Disciples of the Hand, the crafting jobs. These dailies will reward players with experience for lower-level jobs, and tokens to spend on useful crafting materials, crafting materia, and cosmetics.

Final Fantasy XIV Online The Gold Saucer

The Gold Saucer

At the Manderville Gold Saucer players will find themselves lost in a myriad of activities! Participate in the card game Triple Triad, the Fashion Report mini-game, Chocobo Racing, timed events called GATEs, and more.

On a daily basis, however, the main attraction is the Mini Cactpot game. Players must reveal a limited amount of numbers on a 3×3 board, then select a line to make a score. The ultimate goal is getting 1, 2, and 3 all in a line for 10,000 MGP (the currency used within the Gold Saucer).

Players can use MGP to purchase cosmetic items such as mounts, hairstyles, gear appearances, minions, emotes, and more!

Final Fantasy XIV Online Player vs Player PvP

Island Sanctuary

Added in Endwalker, the Island Sanctuary is a solo gamer’s heaven that has the Warrior of Light building and foraging on their own getaway island. From carving out your hamlet with workshops and granaries to catching great beasts like the Griffin to feed and look after, Island Sanctuary brings the farming simulator genre into FFXIV.

Players should be doing a few things daily to maximize their output:

  • Plant, water, or pick plants
  • Feed, pet, and collect materials from their animals
  • Schedule the workshop to craft items for the day and to sell them (this can be done a week in advance)
  • Gather any items required for the workshop to create the scheduled items

The Island Sanctuary is designed to be a relaxing experience to take at your own pace.

By crafting and selling items at the workshop, players earn Island Sanctuary-specific currency called Cowries which can be used to buy items such as mounts, materia, gear appearances, emotes, hairstyles, and more!

Final Fantasy XIV Online Player vs Player PvP

Player Versus Player

In recent years, FFXIV’s PvP has received a complete overhaul, making it a friendly point of entry for new players. Players earn series experience by participating in PvP matches. Gaining PvP levels each series unlocks new seasonal cosmetics, emotes, and currency.

Each day players can participate in the Duty Roulette: Frontlines from their Duty Roulette page. This provides increased rewards from the first Frontlines match each day. Frontlines is a large-scale battle between three teams, all vying for locations, resources, or points depending on which map is active that day.

While there is no bonus for the first Crystalline Conflict battle of each day, it is a fast and fun daily activity to build up a series experience and unlock fun cosmetics.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps

Collecting Treasure Maps is a highly recommended daily activity for players who like Gil! Each time a player collects a map, an 18-hour timer begins until you can collect one again, and you can only hold one map of its kind at a time.

Deciphering the map will bring up an X marking the spot location, and players can now go treasure hunting! Some maps recommend you bring a group with you, as when you locate the treasure you’ll have to battle some enemies before you can claim your reward. But it doesn’t end there as sometimes when you open the treasure, a portal will spawn to a special dungeon where many riches await.

Inside, you will find one of two styles of dungeon:

  • Roulette style:
    You will find yourself in a giant room, where you’re in the middle of a roulette wheel! Activate the node and the wheel will spin; different tiles will spawn different levels of summons, each with their own rewards; however, some tiles will kick you out of the dungeon and end your treasure-hunting adventure! If you make it through to the fifth spin and succeed, you’ve made it to the end and will receive a large boost of Gil and rewards.
  • Door style:
    Here you will enter a linear dungeon where you must defeat a room of enemies, collect treasure, and then be presented with two pathways. The player who opened the map must choose a direction, one will let you through to the next room and the other will swiftly remove you, ending your hunt! Making it through to the fifth room will reward you with a large boost of Gil and rare items.

If you want quick easy money, you can gather Treasure Maps with any Disciple of the Land and sell them on the Market Board instead of deciphering them. They are almost guaranteed to sell and make a nice little daily boost to money without any spending.

No matter which option you chose, Treasure Maps are a fantastic form of making money each day and require very little investment.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Treasure Maps

Every type of player will find a daily activity to complete in FFXIV! So adventure forth Warrior of Light and explore what Eorzea and beyond has to offer!

If you are yet to pick up FFXIV, the Free Trial has no time limit and includes both the base game and the Heavensward expansion, allowing you to level up to level 60. You can sign up for the Free Trial here.