Supermassive Games next horror game “Little Hope” coming Summer

Supermassive Games have finally dropped details for the next installment of horror anthology series “The Dark Pictures”, known as “Little Hope”.

After the success of “Until Dawn”, Supermassive games announced “The Dark Pictures”, an anthology series to be spread out over the next few years. While the existence of “Little Hope” hasn’t been a mystery (beating The Man of Medan would show the player a teaser trailer), many were unsure how long it would be until an official release. 

The trailer in question evokes a Salem-Esque town where the villagers killed a lot of people to ward of malignant evil. Which didn’t do a very good job. Showing a team of five people being trapped in the town during the dead of night. Featuring crooked nail creatures and chain-commanding witches. The trailers murky visuals obscure the monster (or monsters), however, we do get a solid look at our new cast.

Only two characters have been named so far. The first is Andrew. His role is the closest thing to the main character as he’s the one most prominent in the footage. Though that could also be due to his actor Will Pouter. Whose a fairly well-known performer, featuring in works like “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” and “Midsommar”.

The other character is Angela. In stark contrast to Andrew, she’s 52. Near the end of the trailer, we can see her being slammed against the floor by a chain that then begins to envelop her face. At first, it appears to be something that happens out of the players’ control, but per a new tweet by Supermassive games, it does seem like she’s playable. Ominously writing “Her fate lies in your hands”.

The first installment, “Man Of Medan” launched to novelty acclaim only, with many criticizing its story and laughable acting.

Personally, I feel that a lot of branching narrative games fail to keep their promise as the deadlines start to loom over the writing desk. “Man of Medan” was one of the few that feels different on repeat runs, even more so than it’s predecessor “Until Dawn”. Plus the “movie night” mode was a great way to spend the weekend with my roommates. So, even if the games are a little janky, I’m already more than interested in getting my hands on the next installment. Even if some of the appeal is going to be spent sarcastically saying “Maybe the Man of Medan was the friends we made along the way.”

Also… I’m saving this for the end of the article. Anyone who hasn’t seem this Oscar-bait right here is missing out.