PHOENIX: EDEN17 Original Series Soundtrack by TAKATSUGU MURAMATSU Out September 15

Milan Records today announces the release of PHOENIX: EDEN17 (ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK) with music by composer TAKATSUGU MURAMATSU. Available everywhere Friday, September 15, the album features music written by Muramatsu for STUDIO4°C’s new anime series based on Osamu Tezuka’s iconic manga series. An adaptation of the manga’s “Nostalgia” story arc, Phoenix: Eden17 is now streaming worldwide exclusively on Disney+.


Of the soundtrack, composer TAKATSUGU MURAMATSU says,

“I am so happy to be able to portray the world of Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix: Eden17, which I have loved since I was a child, with my own music. I am truly delighted. When I saw the script and the animation, I imagined the sound at once. During the production process, the world that came to mind was one that I had never encountered before and so large in scale that I wondered if I would be able to meet my deadline. Before I knew it, it had become a race against time. The soundscape of Phoenix: Eden17 is centered around a dynamic and mysterious orchestra. I hope you enjoy it.”



  1. Prologue
  2. Unexpected Error
  3. Sprint in danger
  4. Reality
  5. Joyful Trotting
  6. Inorganic Creature
  7. New World
  8. Despair
  9. Encounter
  10. Dropping
  11. Cruel Reality
  12. Escape
  13. Brave Determination
  14. Another Planet
  15. Dark Spacecraft
  16. Growth Alone
  17. Enigmatic Trouble
  18. Dark Tunnel
  19. Nightmare
  20. Sudden Attack
  21. Glorious Appearance
  22. Philosophy of Eden
  23. Beginning…
  24. Nostalgia
  25. Destroying Future
  26. Devastated Illusion
  27. Soul of the Earth
  28. Peaceful Air
  29. Rescue
  30. Lost Future
  31. Greedy
  32. Contrary
  33. Battle
  34. Beautiful Land

Source: Press Release