Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 4

Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 4 brings heists back into the spotlight

Vampire Kado Thorne has made the Island his home in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, draining the Island’s wealth and treasures to fund some pretty fancy real estate: Sanguine Suites, Relentless Retreat, and Eclipsed Estate. Heist goods from Thorne’s properties to take back what belongs to the Island — and more importantly — to thwart Thorne’s ultimate plan. The fate of the Island is at stake, and thievery’s the last resort. So are you in?

Fortnite Sanguine Suites

Know the Locations

Behind the luxurious exteriors of Sanguine Suites, Relentless Retreat, and Eclipsed Estate are strongly defended bases complete with cameras, laser grids, and guards. Thorne has filled ‘em with valuable items, and he’s also taken over Rumble Ruins, the Slap Juice factory, and a tower in MEGA City. Make sure you’re prepared before infiltrating anywhere run by Thorne.

  • Sanguine Suites.
  • Relentless Retreat.
  • Eclipsed Estate.

Fortnite Rocket Ram
Gear Up

Along with existing and unvaulted weapons, prepare for your break-in with new ones:

  • Rocket Ram: When you’re entering a base, you can either take the stealthy route… or come flying with the Rocket Ram. When it’s time to escape the base, use the Rocket Ram if there’s no car around.
  • Infiltrator Pump Shotgun, Scoped Burst SMG & Twin Mag Assault Rifle: Once inside the base, break out the Infiltrator Pump Shotgun, the Scoped Burst SMG, or the Twin Mag Assault Rifle. The Twin Mag Assault Rifle has a flippable magazine that allows for a faster reload every other reload.
  • Business Turret: Want a weapon that’s a little more hands-off? Take hold of a Business Turret: a turret that looks like a briefcase while it’s in your hand, but transforms once thrown. The Business Turret will automatically lock onto nearby enemies and fire, so all you have to worry about is the placement!
  • In a base unprepared? Look for Heist Bags: duffle bags stuffed with heisting gear! Heist Bags come in handy for the empty-handed. (Heist Bags have a chance to contain a Crash Pad Jr. (new!), Remote Explosive (unvaulted!), Rocket Ram, ammo, healing items, and more.)

Fortnite Midas' Drum Gun

Get the Goods

Locked up in the depths of Thorne’s properties are Mythic items from Fortnite’s history:

  • Midas’ Drum Gun
  • TNTina’s Ka-Boom Bow
  • Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug
  • Kit’s Charge Shotgun
  • Kit’s Shockwave Launcher
  • Zyg and Choppy’s Ray Gun
  • The Foundation’s MK-Seven Assault Rifle
  • Gunnar’s Stinger SMG

Snag one of these… then use it to help you escape! Where to escape to? Head to the taken-over Rumble Ruins, Slap Juice factory, or MEGA City tower. Even though they don’t have the Mythic treasures, they still have plenty of great loot!

Fortnite Nitro Fang
Make a Getaway

If you make it out of a Thorne building uneliminated, don’t look back — hop in the nearest car for a vehicular escape. The more cinematic the escape the better, so look for a Nitro Fang by Victory Motors. Opponents on your tail? The Nitro Fang features a handbrake for making lock-tight turns.

Fortnite On The Go Bag Reality Augment
Learn Tricks of the Trade

Chapter 4 Season 4 introduces new Reality Augments that’ll help your heist go swimmingly:

  • On The Go Bag: ANY container you open will have an item that would be in a Heist Bag.
  • Sniper Striker: Snipers give Siphon upon damaging enemies.
  • Ammo Drop: Not only grants ammo, but also makes it so that enemies drop more ammo than usual.
  • First Shotgun: Your Shotguns will deal increased damage on the first shot.
  • Pistol Salvo: Your Pistols will have a reduced fire rate but increased damage.
  • Fast Fisher: Swim faster and instantly loot fishing spots when you swim through them.

Use Old Tricks

Augment your robbing reality with returning Reality Augments:

  • Light Fingers
  • First Assault
  • Supercharged
  • Steady Hands
  • SMG Sign Off
  • Keymaster
  • More Parkour
  • Rarity Check
  • Sprint Lines
  • Medium Ammo Acquired
  • Mud Warrior
  • Scope Salvo

Fortnite Remote Explosive
Gear Up Even More

Any weapon can help you in your heist, including unvaulted and carried-over ones:

Unvaulted Weapons

  • Remote Explosive
  • Suppressed Sniper Rifle
  • Suppressed Pistol (The Suppressed Pistol has been reworked — it’s now fully automatic!)

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Carryovers

  • Sharp Tooth Shotgun
  • Maven Auto Shotgun
  • Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle
  • Thermal DMR
  • Combat SMG
  • Heisted Breacher Shotgun (Exotic weapon)
  • Heisted Accelerant Shotgun (Exotic weapon)
  • Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG (Exotic weapon)
  • Shadow Tracker (Exotic weapon)
  • Shockwave Grenades (technically not a weapon but yeah)

Fortnite Nitro Fang 2
Gain an Intel Advantage

There aren’t just guards at bases, but also at towers that are scanning the Storm. Upon defeating the head guard of a Forecast Tower, the guard will drop a keycard for downloading Storm info. Download it after the tower’s scan so you and the team gain knowledge of future Storm circles!

Fortnite All Seven Styles of the Prized Llama Back Bling

Survive for Stature

Stay standing to earn Survivor Medals! To upgrade to the next medal, complete a Survivor Quest in Battle Royale or Zero Build that challenges you to outlast a fixed number of opponents while getting a certain number of eliminations. The higher your medal rarity, the harder the Quests. The most expert survivors get the Mythic 1 medal!

There are seven medal rarities, with ten medal upgrades per rarity. These rarities are:


Upon getting the Common 1 medal, you’ll unlock the Prized Llama Back Bling. Reach the top of the other rarities to unlock new Styles for Prized Llama!

Meet the Fortnite Team

The heist team is led by none other than maverick Nolan Chance. Chance, his team, and even Kado Thorne are the Outfits of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass, with Chance auto-unlocking upon purchase. Other members of the team? Piper Pace the getaway driver, Fish Thicc the muscle, Mae the hacker, and Antonia the masqued maven.

What to do when things get overcomplicated? Turn to the man who keeps it simple: the newest addition to the Icon Series Khaby Lame! The most popular creator on TikTok breaks into the Battle Pass to help the team take down Thorne.

Fortnite Khaby Lame

A look at all the Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass Outfits:

Nolan Chance

Fortnite Nolan Chance Outfit

Never bet against the mastermind.

Piper Pace

Fortnite Piper Pace Outfit

Deliver the victory.

Fish Thicc

Fortnite Fish Thicc Outfit

More ripped than the tide.


Fortnite Mae Outfit

Impulsive hacker with an… explosive sense of humor.


Fortnite Antonia Outfit Unmasked

Destructive by design.

Khaby Lame

Fortnite Khaby Lame Outfit

The solution is simple.

Kado Thorne

Fortnite Kado Thorne

A voracious traveler — with a hunger for the finer things in life.

Those aren’t all the Outfits in the Battle Pass. Later in the Season, Ahsoka Tano steps into Fortnite:

Ahsoka Tano

Fortnite Ahsoka Tano Outfit

Warrior. Outcast. Rebel. Jedi.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Ranked

Fortnite Ranked Update

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 means Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Ranked! As previously announced, everyone’s rank has been reset in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Ranked to provide a fresh start for all players.

Similarly to Season Zero, you’ll only need to play one Ranked match in Chapter 4 Season 4 to have your rank revealed (one match per Battle Royale and Zero Build). Your performance in your first match does not determine your initial rank placement. Rather, it reveals your rank and then updates your rank progress bar based on your performance in the match.

Played Ranked during Fortnite Season Zero? Check out the Ranked Season Zero recap to read about Ranked changes in light of community feedback.

Fortnite Competitive Notes

Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 4

Competitors! Looking for details on Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4’s competitive offerings? Check out our Chapter 4 Season 4 Competitive Details blog post and learn about what’s in store!

Additionally, please note that the following features are not included in tournaments:

  • Kit’s Shockwave Launcher
  • Shockwave Grenades
  • Nitro Fang
  • On The Go Bag Reality Augment