Fortnite Wilds swings into action with new update

The Wilds await in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3. The center of the Island has collapsed, revealing a vast, hidden jungle with ancient secrets to discover. Ascend to canopies, ride raptors, and slide in the mud for speed and camouflage. Detect enemies from the canopies with the “Thermal DMR,” skate on vines firing the “Flapjack Rifle,” and turn opponents into spectators with the “Cybertron Cannon”. Additionally, you can unlock Optimus Prime via the Battle Pass, and Optimus Primal via the Item Shop!

Ride a Raptor!

Raptors are running wild in the jungle – take command of these Jurassic creatures by jumping on top of them. Unleash your arsenal and leap to new heights as you ride.

Fortnite Raptor Riding

What if you see a raptor egg instead? Nurture it and it’ll automatically be your raptor when it hatches!

Fortnite Cybertron Cannon

Go Wild with New Weapons

New Weapons included with this update are:

  • Thermal DMR: Battle in the jungle, see how a jungle animal sees. While looking through the scope of the Thermal DMR, turn on thermal vision to more easily detect your enemies.
  • Flapjack Rifle: Make heads turn as you best enemies and structures with the Flapjack Rifle. Heads won’t be the only thing turning — this new weapon features a spinning magazine! (You can find the Mythic version of this weapon from Vaults requiring Keycards.)
  • Kinetic Boomerang: Throw the Kinetic Boomerang to hit enemies in its flight path… AND its return path. Miss your target? Recall the boomerang early to trigger a small explosion and try again!
  • Cybertron Cannon: There’s going wild, then there’s having a blast. Take up a Cybertron Cannon on the Island to launch a powerful, quick, and explosive projectile.
  • Wildwasp Jar: A hostile insect species known as Wildwasps inhabit the jungle, preferring to swarm around certain plants. Gather them in a jar to throw at enemies! (The Wildwasps set their sights on you? Jump in water or cover yourself in mud to get them off your tail.)

Fortnite Drum Shotgun

Go Back in Time with Fortnite Unvaulted Weapons

Coming out of the vault and back into play are:

  • Drum Shotgun: There’s a Mythic version too! Find the Mythic version from a POI rifting in.
  • Combat SMG

Be Mega Prepared

There are the new weapons, and there are the unvaulted weapons, but don’t forget about these Chapter 4: Season 2 carryovers:

  • Havoc Pump Shotgun
  • Maven Auto Shotgun
  • Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle
  • Red-Eye Assault Rifle
  • Submachine Gun
  • Tactical Pistol
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Chug Cannon (Exotic weapon …and technically not a weapon)
  • Heisted Breacher Shotgun (Exotic weapon)
  • Heisted Accelerant Shotgun (Exotic weapon)
  • Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG (Exotic weapon)
  • Shadow Tracker (Exotic weapon, this time available from Exotic Holo-Chests and Characters)


Slide for Stealth

  • The ultimate hiding technique: A jungle climate means mud, so master the terrain: slide in the mud for more speed than regular sliding and gain camouflage in the process.
  • Grind Vines to Victory: Take an adrenaline-pumping ride on grind vines, being able to use weapons at the same time.
  • Contend from the Canopies: You don’t need the ground to gain the high ground. Ascend to the jungle’s canopies and fire high from above! When you get back on the ground, find some mud for a clean (but also not really clean) getaway.
  • Fight with Flora: Use the power of new, dangerous vegetation to your advantage. Shoot a Bomb Flower to create an explosion, or shoot a Stink Flower to unleash toxic gas on nearby enemies. Need to heal up? Swing your Pickaxe at the helpful Slurp Plants. There’s also a flower for mobility. Run into Hop Flowers to bounce around the jungle without worrying about fall damage!

Fortnite Primal Companion Reality Augment

Adapt to the Jungle with New Fortnite Reality Augments

  • Primal Companion: Gain thermal vision and regenerate Health while riding animals.
  • Wildwasp Weaponry: Receive some Wildwasp Jars, and gain an additional one with every elimination.
  • Sprint Lines: Gain a Slap effect upon using grind vines, grind rails, ziplines, or Ascenders.
  • Shell Slide: Gain Shotgun shells while sliding. (Replaces Medium Ammo Slide)
  • Swift Shotgun Reload: Your Shotguns will reload faster.
  • Reckless Rifle Reload: Your Assault Rifles will reload significantly faster when the magazine is empty.
  • Medium Ammo Acquired: Instantly gain medium ammo, then gain more when you open containers.

Let the Wild Times Roll

In addition to new Reality Augments, roll returning ones:

  • Traversal Warrior (formerly known as Rail Warrior, now works on grind vines, ziplines, and Ascenders in addition to grind rails)
  • Aquatic Warrior
  • Light Fingers
  • First Assault
  • Bloodhound
  • Steady Hands
  • SMG Sign Off
  • Exotic Grab Bag
  • Soaring Sprints
  • Mythic Munition
  • Keymaster
  • Rarity Check
  • Shotgun Striker

Fortnite Job Board
Work Wilds

Bounty Boards are back in the form of Job Boards! Upon interacting with a Job Board, you’ll be given a choice of three jobs, including a bounty. Complete jobs for Bars!

Optimus Prime

Fortnite Looking Wildly Good

Unlock timeless looks with Chapter 4 Season 3’s Battle Pass Outfits. Upon purchasing the Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass, you’ll auto-unlock the future-facing Era. Progress through the Battle Pass to unlock Outfits like rock ranger 🎸 Rian and Autobot leader Optimus Prime. Later in the Season, wild-time-haver Purradise Meowscles will become available to unlock in the Battle Pass!

A look at all the Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass Outfits:

  • Era: Learn from the past to protect the future.
  • Trace: Wander no more.
  • Rian: Let the beat run wild.
  • Relik: An intrepid hunter seeking the Island’s secrets.
  • Mariposa: The daring Dynamo reinvented.
  • Lorenzo: Influential explorer and rogueish raconteur.
  • Optimus Prime: Noble leader of the heroic Autobots.
  • Purradise Meowscles: A Real Wild Cat (Available Mid-Season)

Optimus Primal

Go Prime to Primal

Pit Optimus Prime against Optimus Primal. This fierce leader of the brave Maximals is available now in the Item Shop!

A Wild Fortnite Change

With Chapter 4 Season 3, Pickaxes are now officially called Pickaxes instead of Harvesting Tools. ⛏


Fortnite Competitive Notes

Competitors! Looking for details on the competitive offerings this Season? Check out our Chapter 4 Season 3 Competitive Details blog post and learn about what’s in store!

Additionally, please note that the following features are not included in tournaments:

  • Raptors
  • Cybertron Cannon
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Chug Cannon
  • Heisted Breacher Shotgun