Remnant 2 - Archetypes

How to Unlock the Secondary Archetypes in Remnant 2

When you first start out in Remnant 2, you are only able to activate a primary Archetype. However, once you meet the requirements, you can then pick up a secondary Archetype. In this guide, we’ll run down where you get those secondary Archetypes and how to activate them,

This guide does not reveal how to unlock the additional Archetypes which were discovered afterward. Those being the Engineer, Alchemist, and Invader.

Where to get the starting Secondary Archetypes

  • Challenger Archetype – Purchase the Old Metal Tool from Reggie in Ward 13.
  • Handler Archetype – Purchase the Old Whistle from Mudtooth. You’ll have to talk to him a few times to get him to sell you any wares.
  • Hunter Archetype – Purchase the War Medal from Brabus. He’s the person who sells you other weapons by the gun range.
  • Media Archetype – Purchase the Medic Pin from Docter Norah.
  • Gunslinger Archetype – This one is complicated. If you pre-ordered the game, you’ll have instant access to the Gunslinger. But if you didn’t, we have a guide that explains how to get the Archetype.

How to use the Seconarday Archetypes

Once you earn 10 trait points, you’ll unlock the ability to use dual Archetypes. The great thing about having two Archetypes in play at the same time is you can use all of the combined perks and skills, creating lots of combinations. However, keep in mind that while both Archetypes have a primary perk, only the primary Archetype primary perk will be activated at any time.

Archetypes can be swapped at anytime, even during gameplay, with no restriction. Just keep in mind that when you do swap Archetypes, the skills will be on cooldown and not immediately available.

Remnant 2 - Archetypes

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