Remnant II - The Gunslinger Archtype reveal

Get the Gunslinger Archetype Without Preordering Remnant 2

The Remnant 2 Gunslinger Archetype is instantly available when you preorder any editions of the game and will be available upon start-up. However, if you don’t preorder the game, you’ll still be able to gain access to the Archetype, but it will take some work, and you won’t be able to access it until much later in the game.

The Gunslinger is about massive amounts of ranged damage, instant reloads, and increasing firing speed. In other words, it’s a class most will want access to. The Gunslinger’s traits also work well with other Archetypes.

How to gain access to the Gunslinger without preordering

The key to getting the Gunslinger’s Emblem which enables the Archetype lies with Mudtooth. This gentleman not only sells you stuff but also tells you stories that he’ll provide you with something after you listen to them all. At first, he only has a few, but as you progress through the game, he’ll have more tales to tell you, so you’ll need to check by with him often and listen to him.

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In this regard, I couldn’t access the required item until after I’d finished all three biomes in the game, though I didn’t check back as often. I’d go back after you’ve completed two of them.

Once that was done, I went back to Mudtooth and exhausted his stories. After doing this, he provided me with the Gunslinger’s Charm, a very lovely Amulet, and the Worn Cylinder.

Remnant II - Worn Cynlinder

Remnant II - Gunslinger's Charm

Take the Worn Cylinder to Wallace, who you are told to see to get your starting Archetype. Here, he can upgrade the emblem into the Iron Cylinder.

Remnant II - Unlock Gunslinger Archetype-02

From then on, you can select the Gunslinger and start a new character with the Gunslinger unlocked.

Remnant II - Unlock Gunslinger Archetype