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The Hunter Archetype Roars Back to Life in Remnant II

Gunfire Games has revealed that the Hunter is its final Archetype for Remnant II. Those who played Remnant from the Ashes will be glad to see that this class also appears in the sequel.

The Hunter is a fan favorite for several reasons, and it’s good to see that it made a return. It’s a highly damaging class that brings utility to groups but is also a dangerous class on its own. I know some people who weren’t too thrilled about the hunter not making an appearance… I’m sure they’ll be happy now.

The Hunter Archetype specializes in long-range combat, precision shots, and marking threats. The Hunter’s Prime Perk is Dead to Rights, allowing active Hunter Skills to be extended when long-range hits are scored on enemy weak points. Hunters can also mark enemies. Marked enemies can be seen through walls and are more susceptible to critical hits from all players.

Remnant II - Hunter Archetype

The reveal of the Hunter brings the total number of playing Remnant II Archetypes to five; Hunter, Challenger, Handler, Medic, and Gunslinger.

In Remnant II, the Root, a hostile Alien race that wants nothing but to destroy everything, is back. While players thought they say the last of the Root in the final DLC for Remnant from the Ashes, Subject 2923, they only delayed them. The Root is ready to start what they finished, but are you?

Remnant II will be released on July 25 for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. If you preorder the Remnant II Ultimate Edition, you’ll get early access starting on July 21, 2023.