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Remnant: From the Ashes – Subject 2923 Review

Here we are folks, we’ve battled the Root every since we fired up Remnant: From the Ashes, but now we’re concluding the story. With the Subject 2923 expansion, we are looking for the Root cause and a way to put them down finally. The game’s final entry is full of lore, lots of action that the game is known for, and a bit more that I won’t spoil. Get ready to finish the fight!

Game Name: Remnant: From the Ashes: Subject 2923
Platform(s): PC (reviewed), PS4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Perfect World
Developer(s): Gunfire Games
Release Date:  August 20th, 2002
Price: $9.99 / Remnant: From the Ashes – Complete Edition $49.99 (Includes the base game and all DLC)

It’s always bittersweet when you’re playing the end of a game that you’ve enjoyed, and Remnant: From the Ashes: Subject 2923 is no exception. I’ve replayed this game countless times, created multiple characters, and even managed to get several of my friends hooked on the game. It’s a fun title, and this final DLC is a fitting end and is full of everything that made me fall in love with this game in the first place.

Subject 2923 is split into two chapters; you arrive at Ward Prime, where you’re sent to check for clues and Reisum, a new world you’re sent to, and one that resembles a tundra. Accessing the new content is as simple as starting the game, heading over to the World Stone, and selecting the Subject 2923 campaign. There’s no need to rush to beat the game to play the new stuff, though if you haven’t already finished the game, then Subject 2923 may ruin the ending for you. It also kills your campaign if you’re currently in one.

Subject 2923 Review - Lonely out here

Ward Prime takes place in an abandoned military base on ruined Earth and is an interesting place, for sure. Full of puzzles that stumped me for a while and unkillable enemies that can walk through the halls, such a nuisance. Yet, they can be bypassed and aren’t as a nuisance as it may sound. Just don’t waste your ammo on them, ok? However, what’s important here is that seeing how Ward Prime is the beginning of all the mess in Remnant’s world from the Ashes is very lore heavily. I made it my job to find every computer terminal and recording to understand what exactly took place and set the faithful events into motion. If you’ve always wanted to know more about the lore, Ward Prime is going to be a blast for you. Lastly, Ward Prime is surprisingly large, much larger than Ward 13. You first encountered the first Ward when you first played Remnant: From the Ashes pales in comparison.

While Reisum fills like it was ripped right out of Monster Hunter World’s recent expansion, full of the new Rat-like humanoid enemies who are a welcome addition to the game, these new enemies vary from carrying axes and shields, who tend to be a pain in the ass, to rushes, casters, even some with wings that attack you from the sky. It was a nice change of pace fighting those instead of the Root found throughout the base game and prior DLC. Reisum also adds a new mechanic called Frostbite, which slows you (and enemies) when afflicted. A visual effect of your screen being iced up and obstructing your view happens occasionally. It’s here that you’ll ultimately find the way to stop the Root finally. 


Throughout my time with Subject 2923’s expansion, I only encountered a handful of bosses, but those fights were engaging and full. Again, this is where I go on about being happy about not fighting a bunch of tree monsters, and these new bosses were fun. There’s one fight in particular where you fight both the rider and the mount, with one becoming empowered after the other’s death – yes, just like Ornstein and Smough boss fight in Dark Souls. However, not all the fights were spectacles, as one fight had a bugged AI that stood in a corner and let me hammer it in oblivion. I don’t know if I bugged it out or what, but it wasn’t very reassuring. 

The world of Reisum is also accessible via the Adventure mode, which adds several quests and more goodies to collect. I would have liked to see a smaller run through Ward Prima via Adventure Mode, but that’s a no-go. The survival mode introduced with Swamps of Corsus also sees a few changes and sees the addition of the enemies and bosses from Reisum added to it. Keep in mind that if you don’t already have the Swamps of Corsus expansion, you can’t play the survival mode – which is a great way to blast through the content you’ve already played through with randos or friends.

There’s also a number of quality of life changes that were introduced with a new patch that was released prior to Subject 2923’s release. Such as when you either bite the big one or rest at a checkpoint, all your life, ammo, and mod power are filled. This is a nice touch when you’re banging your head on a boss who won’t go down; now you’ll at least enter the fight with all your mod power intact.

Subject 2923 Review - Step into the fires

Of course, what would a new expansion be without a few new items to collect? I’m not sure, but thankfully there’s a lot here for you to acquire. So far, I managed to collect two new trinkets, five new rings, and many new weapons and mods, and while I haven’t collected it, I encountered a side quest where I spotted a new suit of armor. I haven’t figured out how to get it quite yet, but I’m working on it. For those who still haven’t managed to collect the assault rifle, thanks to the games’ terrible RNG, you’re in luck as Gunfire Games has added a new weapon that’s similar; a Machine Pistol. While not a rifle, it is more accurate, and it’s hidden away in one of the puzzles in Ward Prime. I also noticed several new items that focus on melee and bleed builds, and I know how popular those are.

Sadly, Subject 2923’s campaign is not long. I managed to finish it in just one sitting, clocking in just over 2 hours, and just when it felt like there was more content coming up, it abruptly stops. You’ve saved the day, everyone’s happy, and the story wraps up in one convenient bow. While I did want closure and got it, it just wasn’t long enough for me. This series has been a favorite since the original game was released. And now that it’s over, albeit way too soon, I feel like I did when the final Dark Souls III expansion was released – I want more!

All in all, Subject 2923 doesn’t change the feel of Remnant: From the Ashes, which to me is already a great game. Everything I previously enjoyed is back, with more action, more lore; it’s been a fun ride. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. While Subject 2923 has been pegged as the final chapter for Remnant: From the Ashes, the way the game closes out tells me that this won’t be the end of the series. Gunfire Games has left the door somewhat open for perhaps another *final* expansion or perhaps another entry in the series entirely. Another successor, similar to how the Oculus VR title Chronos was the predecessor to Remnant: From the Ashes. Whatever it eventually becomes, I’m ready.

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If this truly is the end for Remnant from the Ashes, then Subject 2923 is a fitting end, even if it ends too soon. We finally get the missing pieces as to what caused the Root to invade the Earth and a bit of its history. Of course, the same great combat that we’ve all come to love from the series is back and in force, with lots of fun enemy and boss encounters. Easily the best out of the two expansions, yet again, one that ends all too soon. I need more!


  • Finally able to access Ward Prime
  • Lots of lore to piece together the story
  • Fun boss fights 
  • New items, specifically more focus on melee builds
  • New Adventure Mode quests via Reisum


  • Main campaign ends too soon
  • AI during boss fights bugs out occasionally