Phoenix Vs Raven, Death Battle

Death Battle Summons A “Bird Battle” With Phoenix Vs Raven!

Death Battle has been bringing some very powerful matchups in recent weeks (sorry about not posting Vader vs Obito or Rocet/Stitch!), and the newest episode adds to that resume! Why? Because it’s a battle between the X-Men and the Teen Titans! That’s right, it’s Phoenix Vs Raven, AKA the BIRD BATTLE!!!! Yes, I’ll keep saying that because it’s really funny, ok? Now, at first, you might think this a one-sided affair given what the Phoenix Force is, but Raven is no slouch via her battles with Trigon and others.

Plus, both are powerful beings of minds and emotions, so their upper limits will be pushed to the max so that one can defeat the other! But the question remains, who will win? You can watch Phoenix Vs Raven below!

And next time on Death Battle…WE’RE FINALLY GETTING FIRE EMBLEM!!!! Guts vs Dmitri is coming!!!