Killua vs. Misaka

Death Battle Brings Lightning-Fueled Big Brain Fight With Killua vs. Misaka!

Death Battle has already dropped a couple of strong episodes this season, and No.3 of Season 10 is aiming to strike you with how great it is. In the season’s first anime fight, it’s Hunter X Hunter versus A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun via Killua vs. Misaka! While both of these anime franchises might not be one you’re familiar with, you’ll see just how powerful and crazy smart these two are as you dive into the rundowns!

As for the fight, Killua vs. Misaka arguably boasts some of the best sprites that Death Battle has ever used, and there are some BIG moments that get some really cinematic beats, so you’ll want to check it out below!

As for next time…oh yeah, people are going to have some opinions about these “far out” characters!