Ant-Man vs The Atom, Death Battle

Death Battle Starts Season 10 With Ant-Man vs The Atom!

It’s been basically five months since Death Battle had their Season 9 finale via the “Fusion Battle.” Fans have been patiently waiting for the epic series to return, and today, it finally has. But it’s not just a regular season premiere. It goes back to the roots of the franchise as it’s another Marvel vs. DC Comics fight! This time around, it’s Ant-Man vs The Atom! This matchup has been asked for by many due to the “shrinking heroes” and their various shenanigans in micro worlds that they’ve visited. But the question is, who is the better “little man”? You’ll need to watch to find out!

A key thing to note about Death Battle Season 10 is that the entire season will continue from now until the end. There will be no “midseason break”; it’s full speed ahead! Plus, based on the matchup for next time, fans aren’t going to have to wait too long for things to get extremely satisfying and unique! Check out Ant-Man vs The Atom below, and get ready for the next episode in two weeks!