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Anime & Manga Rapid Pulse for the Week of 4/22/23

Welcome to the Anime & Manga Rapid Pulse for the week of April 22, 2023! This is a roundup of anime news stories that take care of themselves by the headlines alone. Not all news stories need paragraphs upon paragraphs to get the point across, but sometimes they are too important to be ignored. The Anime & Manga Rapid Pulse solves this by just rapid-firing those news stories to you in one convenient post!

  • Daikaiju Gertima manga is set to debut on June 20
  • Kakegurui Twin manga is set to end on May 22
  • The Case Study of Vanitas manga returns from hiatus on May 22
  • The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today anime is set to premiere on July 7
  • Boruto manga has gone on hiatus until October
  • 3×3 Eyes: Kiseki no Yami no Keiyakusha manga is set to end with next chapter
  • Akudama Drive manga is set to end in May
  • Otome Yokai Zakuro manga returns this fall after 7-year hiatus
  • Takeki Ogon no Kuni: Takahashi Korekiyo manga has ended
  • Naruto: Konoha’s Story manga is set to end with its 2nd volume
  • Outsider Paradise manga is set to debut on May 16
  • Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic: Episode of Savanaclaw has gone on hiatus
  • Manko Chisin ~Baka demo Yomeru Koten Bungaku~ manga has ended
  • MF Ghost manga has gone on hiatus
  • Ichigoki’s Under Control!! manga has ended
  • Shijuushichi Taisen manga has ended

That’s going to wrap things up for this week. News headlines were compiled from Anime News Network and Crunchyroll