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How To Get A Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts

The Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts is a rare material that is used to upgrade your weapons and armor in the game. Just keep in mind it will be hard to access, and you’ll have to reach a certain point in the game to get it. Here’s where to find the Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts

Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts location

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The Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts can be spotted after reaching Chapter 4 in the main story. After you’ve reached this section of the game, you’ll want to visit Akikure Canyon or Harugasumi Way. 

When you arrive, you’ll want to find one of the nastiest creatures in the game, the Venomglider. It will drop the Giant Kemono Petal, but you may need to defeat it multiple times for the resource to appear. 

The game will not immediately point out where the Venomglider is. Utilize a hunting tower at a base, and then the game will reveal where the monster is with a question mark symbol. Go to the map and press the Cross button (A on Xbox) to make a marker. You can also press Triangle (Y on Xbox) while hovering over the “?” symbol to request assistance. 

Once the marker has been set, hold the left trigger button on your controller, and the game will show you the way. More likely than not, you’ll spot the Venomglider at the “?” spot on the map. Just to be sure, hold the left trigger button again, and you should see the outline of a squirrel-like beast. 

How to beat the Venomglider

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To stand a fighting chance against the Venomglider, you should be prepared. If you have any anti-poison skills you can add to your armor, feel free to equip them. You can also eat ingredients like the Akebia Fruit that provide additional Antitoxin resistance. 

In addition, flame attacks work well against the Venomglider, so before you attempt to fight this beast, add the Torch Karakuri to your equipment set. Once you come across the Venomglider, you’ll want to follow the same tactics as the Spineglider. Instead of the orange magma being thrown at you, however, poison will be shot at you and can stack up, causing damage over time, so make sure you stay attentive and avoid as much purple sludge as possible. 

When you see the Venomglider charging up, and you see a purple outline on the ground, run as fast as you can. It will release a blast that will be devastating to your HP. Once you defeat the Venomglider, it will drop the precious Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts. Hopefully, you have enough by the end of a few encounters to make the armor or weapons you need.

Thankfully, other materials like Large Scales are easy to find in Wild Hearts