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How To Upgrade Armor and Weapons in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is a thrilling Monster Hunter-like that encourages its players to upgrade armor and weapons. There are even more evolved versions of the same armor type available in the game. The upgrade system in Wild Hearts is deep, and this is how you interact with it in this EA-published epic. 

How to upgrade armor in Wild Hearts

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Your armor in Wild Hearts can be upgraded in multiple ways. First, you can gain new armor types by defeating new monsters in the game. Go to the Forge Front, which is in the eastern part of Minato. Speak to Natsume. She can forge the armor you’d like from the spoils you gain from fighting the Kemono. For example, you’ll need two Sporetail Claws and one Sporetail Stipe, plus a Goldshard Incisor to get the Veteran Armor. 

Once you’ve crafted the base armor, there are two modifications you can make: Human-Path and Kemono-Path. Either give a bonus to the initial stats of the base armor. Going back to our example, the Veteran Armor’s Human-Path modification increases your defense by 12 (almost double the initial amount). However, you’ll need a significant 1,170 Gold, plus the Veteran Teardrops, among other Sporetail ingredients.

It doesn’t matter if you pick the Human-Path or Kemono-Path options, as they’ll both give the same stats and skills. However, they will both have different appearances, so check them out before making your decision. You may need a Large Scale to create some armor in Wild Hearts.

How to upgrade your weapons

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Upgrading your weapons is very different. You are given an upgrade tree that strangely goes down rather than up. Like armor, on the other hand, you’ll need a variety of resources to upgrade your swords, claw blades, etc. For example, to upgrade the Creeping Vine Blade to a Herbal Katana, you’ll require three Sporetail Fangs, two Sporetail Stipes, six Corestone, and 600 Gold. 

As such, with an upgrade tree, you won’t be able to unlock a certain weapon unless you make a chain towards it. In addition, you’ll need to proceed through the story to make your weapon stronger through “Awakening.”

Before upgrading each weapon, take a glance at the skills, in addition to the strength increase. For example, the Herbal Katana is arguably better than the Intoxicating Birch Blade 3 because it has the Surprise Attack skill (which boosts your attack power by 40% when the Kemono doesn’t notice you). 

You can also improve your style by getting some accessories from the grump kid, Yataro. He’s right next to Natsume at the Forge Front. You may need to get some Azuma Cloth and other similar materials to form them, however.