Wild Hearts: Where to Farm the Large Scale

As you head to the end game of Wild Hearts and start to build better gear, you’ll notice that certain materials don’t show up in the cyclopedia, which tends to cause an issue when crafting gear. One said item is the Large Scale.

How to get the Large Scales

Large scales, as I’m only seen so far, come from the Sparkshower Monitor. A Kemono you come across early on at Spirit Isle / Natsukodachi Isle, and also at Akikure Canyon. However, to be able to farm the Large Scales, you’ll have to progress to chapter 4, first.

Spiri Isle / Natsukodachi Isle

On Natsukodachi Isle, you can farm the Sparkshower Monitor, where you first encounter Dreadclaw. You’ll usually find two or there hanging about.

The downside is now that you’re in chapter 4, you’ll also find a Mighty Dreadclaw there, and it might not be willing to let you just snag what you need. Due to this, heading to the second location would be optimal.

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Akikure Canyon

Due to the events that occur in the game. Kemono will migrate from their original locations and can now be found at other locations while awarding different items. The Sparkshower Monitor is one such Kemono, and also be found at Akikure Canyon (chapter 4).

Wild Hearts - Where to Find Large Scales

Once there, you’ll have to head to a specific part of the map, where you’ll encounter the Sparkshower Monitor.

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The Sparkshower Monitor in Akikure Canyon is the only Kemono that gives the Large Scales. There are only two that will spawn in this location, which makes farming them a pain. You’ll have to leave Akikure Canyon and come back.

I found it easier if you have a quest at that location; then you can keep loading in, instead of heading to a different location, and then back. It’s much quicker.

Regardless of where you head off to, you’ll have to kill the Sparkshower to get the loot, as petting them will only cause them to give you ore. So, get to killing them, and yes, I know they’re simply too innocent. Well, do you want that Large Scale or not?

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