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All the WWE 2K23 Roster Rankings Reveals So Far

With WWE 2K23 not too far away, 2K Games has begun the announcement of the annual rankings for the WWE Superstars. While these rankings seem to be more of a popularity ranking than anything else, it’s something die-hard WWE 2K fans jump on every year.

The following known rankings come from WWE 2K23‘s official Twitter account and the official roster ranking reveal livestream hosted by WWE Superstar Xavier Woods on his UpUpDwnDwn Youtube channel (You can see the video below). The Outerhaven will do it’s best to update this article as more rankings are revealed, so come on back daily to see what’s changed.

Love’em or Hate’em, here are the known rankings for the male WWE Superstars as of writing:


Factoids from these reveals:

  • Top Superstar: Roman Reigns (99)
  • Lowest Superstar: R-Truth (72)
  • Top Legend: The Rock (96)
  • Lowest Legend: Doink (81)
  • Rankings revealed: 50 out of 133
    • 44 Added in the original post
    • Randy Orton & Rob Van Dam added
    • Macho Man Randy Savage, Roman Reigns, Doink & Solo Sikoa added

WWE 2K23

And here are the female WWE Superstar rankings as of writing:


Factoids from these reveals:

  • Top Superstar: Becky Lynch (96)
  • Lowest Superstar: Queen Zalina Vega (74)
  • Top Legend: Trish Stratus (93)
  • Lowest Legend: Beth Pheonix (87)
  • Rankings revealed: 27 out of 45
    • 22 added in the original post
    • Added Beth Pheonix, Nikki ASH, Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler & Shotzi

As usual, there are a lot of fans complaining about their favorite superstars not getting a really high ranking, such as Rhea Ripley’s ranking of 87 being called out as horrible online due to her popularity in the company lately and her recent WWE Women’s Royal Rumble win which will see her face off against WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania 39 at the start of April.

While I do agree that #MamiGotRobbed and #MamiDeservesBetter, a lot of these rankings are decided around Wrestlemania last year, same with the names, gimmicks, and looks of the character since these things go into production before the recent version goes on sale. So there is nothing we can do at this point.

WWE 2K23, John Cena

The latest entry for the world’s best WWE simulator, WWE 2K23, is releasing next month and the biggest names in wrestling are being revealed so fans can prepare for its release.
Featuring WWE Superstar, 16-time World Champion, Hollywood icon, and WWE 2K23 Executive Soundtrack Producer, John Cena, WWE 2K23 ushers in a unique new take on the 2K Showcase and the long-awaited WWE 2K introduction of the fan-favorite WarGames.
Highlights of the game include:
  •  2K Showcase Starring John Cena: Players can step into the boots of several of Cena’s toughest competitors across his 20-year history, with one goal in mind: defeat the man who will “Never Give Up.”
  • WarGames: The fan-favorite, chaotic and action-packed WarGames makes its debut in WWE 2K23 and delivers heart-pounding 3v3 and 4v4 single player or multiplayer mayhem.
  • MyGM: Now featuring more GMs to choose from, or a player’s own custom GM creation.
  • MyFACTION: Now featuring online multiplayer action, the team-building mode in which players collect, manage, and upgrade an array of WWE Superstars and Legends.
  • MyRISE: Aspiring Superstars walk through the curtain for their WWE debut in MyRISE and shape their career with the decisions made along the way.
  • Creation Suite: A signature feature of the WWE 2K franchise, the creation suite returns with cross-platform community creations, including the ability to design custom Superstars, GMs, arenas, entrances, move sets, championships and more.

WWE 2K23 is available worldwide on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on March 17th 2023.