Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World Coming To Universal Studios Orlando

When Nintendo said they wanted to increase the viewing of their IPs across many walks of entertainment, many wanted to know exactly what they meant. One of those paths was the “mobile initiative” to put their beloved franchises on mobile platforms. As you may recall, it had mixed results. We are also getting the Super Mario Bros Movie, which has gotten some divisive reactions from fans. But the one thing that everyone can agree was an awesome choice was that of Super Nintendo World. This was the theme park that came to Universal Studios Japan, and has officially opened in the US via Universal Studios Hollywood!

But one of the big questions was, “would it come to Orlando?” And the answer is…yes!

Look, we all know that Super Nintendo World would come to Orlando, but at least the park admitted it to be coming “soon” and that it was the “worst kept secret” out there. You win some you lose some. But in this case, the fans are definitely winning!