MapleStory: The Legends of Maple Coming to China

Nexon today announced MapleStory: The Legends of Maple, a special localized release of the breakaway mobile hit MapleStory M, is in development for release in China. The game will be published by Nexon partner Tiancity and jointly operated by Tencent Games.


Based on Nexon’s blockbuster MapleStory franchise, MapleStory: The Legends of Maple integrates classic elements of the franchise with a new game experience featuring classic characters including Blue Snail, Slime and Orange Mushroom. Nexon has carefully optimized and polished an outstanding mobile experience that will be both familiar and fresh to players.

Originally launched in 2003, the MapleStory franchise has registered more than 180 million players worldwide and generated life-to-date franchise revenue of more than US$4 billion.

More information on the release schedule of MapleStory: The Legends of Maple will be announced at a later date.

Source: Press Release