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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Revealed and Starfield Delayed – Spectator Mode Podcast 116

On this episode of Spectator Mode Podcast, hosts Scott Adams, Karl Smart, and William Kok, discuss the reveals of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and Death Stranding 2. While being depressed that several upcoming titles, Redfall, Replaced, and Starfield have been delayed, leaving a massive hole in Xbox’s gaming line-up. Of course, they also touch on the PlayStation Plus Premium and its worth, or lack of worth. The upcoming State of Play, and if you should temper your expectations, while the Embracer Group continues to gobble up more companies. But none of these topics matter, more than if the Gotham Knights Collector Edition will bring Nightwing’s sexy appeal along with it.


00:00 – Intro
01:17 – Games we’ve recently played
08:58 – Star Wars Jedi Survivor revealed
12:48 – Embracer Group buys Western division of Square Enix
20:07 – Delay of Starfield and Redfall and Replaced
27:05 – Gotham Knights collector Edition unveil
34:19 – State of Play announced for June 2nd for third party devs and Playstation VR2
43:26 – Death Stranding 2 revealed
46:21 – Playstation Plus Premium
59:02 – Outro

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