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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Revealed by Respawn and Lucasfilm Games

“What is your next move… Jedi?”

The next chapter of Star War Jedi games continues, as Respawn Entertainment has revealed its next title, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Following the prior title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen, Survivor will place players into the role of Cal Kestis and is set to be released in 2023.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will expand upon the iconic Star Wars stories, worlds, characters, and thrilling combat first experienced in the series’ debut title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Being developed for the next-generation (current) of consoles and PC, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be playable on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The events of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will take place five years after the first game. Cal Kestis looks to be a bit older, but BD-1 is still around and kicking (thankfully). He’s also standing in front of a bacta tank, with a currently unknown person inside of it. I have no idea who it is, but now I’m trying to figure out if this is a new character or someone we’ve seen before.

Seeing how the title is being called survivor, and with the trailer having a bleak theme, it would seem that Cal is still being hunted. As for his crew, they don’t appear to be around and their ship looks to be in bad shape and we won’t know their fate for quite some time. As for Cal, he’ll mature, learn new combat and Jedi abilities, and he’ll need it. Jedi’s are mostly gone and when we last saw him, Darth Vader knew of his existence and he’s likely being hunted. I’m sure the inquisitors will be back as well.

I’m glad to see that Respawn has finally revealed the title. I loved the first one, despite the number of bugs that plagued the first game. I love me some Star Wars games, and it didn’t hurt that the combat system was so damned good. Here’s to hoping that Stig Asmussen and Respawn can work their magic again with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

More news of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be shared at a later date, according to Respawn.