Bethesda Delays Starfield and Redfall to 2023

Today, Bethesda revealed that both Starfield and Redfall, titles slated to be released in 2022, have been delayed. Both titles were already given release windows, with Redfall initially announced for a Summer 2022 release. While, Starfield had a confirmed release date of November 11th, 2022. Clearly, neither is happening now.

Of course, this has already sparked several debates on various websites and online communities. Many of those conversations blame Xbox for the delay, as they own Bethesda and its parent company, Zenimax. This is yet again a false and negative narrative, as Xbox has zero to do with the delay.

Unfortunately, this has to do with Bethesda, as they were the ones who provided release dates for both titles. Perhaps the company should not have provided those dates so early. Regardless, it’s good to see that Bethesda has realized that neither game would be ready, and instead of risking another “Cyberpunk 2077” incident, it called for both games to be delayed.

Harvey Smith on Twitter: “Hey, y’all, as you might have seen, we’ve decided to delay the launch of #Redfall. The team needs more time to bring the game to life. Thank you so much for your continued support. Redfall is our most ambitious game yet, and we can’t wait to show it off, soon.” / Twitter

Now, I know I sound like a broken record player (if you know what those are), and I agree with the delay. I’m sure most of us are on the same page when it comes to delaying titles, or anything for that matter if it’s to ensure the finished product is worth our time. As for the investors, I hate to point back to CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, but the last I heard, a number of them were not happy with how the situation turned out. I know Bethesda doesn’t want this on their hands.

Sadly, this does mean that Xbox doesn’t have any 1st party titles being released this year. So, we won’t hear the end of this, I’m sure. Though the Xbox and Bethesda showcase will take place next month, that’s still happening and haven’t heard about that being canceled. While Starfield and Redfall are now delayed, I’m sure we’ll still get to hear and/or see plenty about both titles.