Tanjiro Vs Jonathan Joestar

This Tanjiro Vs Jonathan Joestar Death Battle Will Make You Hold Your Breath, And Cry

There are certain match-ups in Death Battle that you might not realize were good ones until they’re spelled out for you. And the one that debuted today, Tanjiro Vs Jonathan Joestar is a great example of that. Because at first glance, both Demon Slayer and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are as different as they can be. But when you look closer, you’ll see that Tanjiro and Jonathan both have powers that rely on their breathing, and the result is a DB that is honestly really cool to behold.

No spoilers, promise. But trust me when I say that this fight is something Death Battle fans can be proud of because of not just how cool it looks, but how both anime protagonists are represented here. The ending (again, no spoilers!) will be one that you won’t forget. So find out what I mean by watching Tanjiro Vs Jonathan Joestar below!