Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Gets Overview Trailer Ahead Of Launch

There is a lot of anticipation and expectations surrounding Pokemon Legends Arceus, which may be why Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have been releasing all sorts of trailers, teasers, and 13-minute gameplay videos to get fans ready for this very different adventure. And now, just days from release, we’re getting one more.

In this Pokemon Legends Arceus Overview Trailer, we get another in-depth look at how your trainer in the Hisui Region will be helping a team of fellow researchers learn all they can about Pokemon in a time when they weren’t so close to one another. You’ll go out on “excursions” and attempt to capture, learn, and grow your knowledge about Pokemon, as well as Hisui itself.

The footage shows a lot of interesting areas, as well as how Pokemon populate them. So take a dive into Hisui below, and be ready for the game when it launches this Friday.