Pokemon Evolutions Has Gotten New Posters and Trailer

Pokemon Evolutions is the latest in a line of short-form animation projects done by various animation studios in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of Pokemon and to just further the franchise as a whole. So far, we’ve gotten the first 4 episodes of the program and it’s taken us back to Galar, Alola, Kalos, and Unova…before abruptly stopping. What’s more, the stories they told were a bit too…familiar, and not as groundbreaking and fun as Twilight Wings.

However, things might change with the next set of episodes that are “coming soon”. And the team behind Evolutions have shown off the posters highlighting the characters that will be the focus here, and there are some shocks to be had just from the posters themselves:

And they also released a trailer for the back half of Pokemon Evolutions to tease what’s yet to come: