Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo Announces First Officially Licensed Super Smash Bros Tournament Circuit

When it comes to Nintendo, they have a rather…uh…rocky history when it comes to eSports. Because at times, they’ll support it wholeheartedly like with EVO (at times) and with their own world championships that they recently brought back to E3. But when it comes to the fans setting up their own tournament circuits and such…they have been known to send cease and desists in quick succession. Especially when it comes to titles like Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

That’s why it was so shocking on Twitter today to see that Nintendo is partnering with Panda Global in order to make the first-ever officially licensed championship circuit for the Super Smash Bros franchise. And it’s not just Super Smash Bros Ultimate that’ll get this treatment, Melee will get it as well.

More details will come soon, and hopefully, this will mark a big change in the world of eSports in terms of Nintendo letting certain things happen.