GEN:LOCK Season 2 and UN:LOCKED Podcast Premiere Today

Today, Season 2 of Michael B. Jordan’s adult animated series GEN:LOCK debuts on HBO Max. New episodes of the series will be added each week. 

Rooster Teeth describes the second season as follows:

GEN:LOCK takes place fifty years in the future and tells the story of an oppressive authoritarian force that threatens to conquer the world. In this new season, a war leaves behind only a handful of highly skilled soldiers fighting for the future of humanity as a deteriorating Earth, due to an unstoppable climate collapse, has two distinct visions for the future of the human race: The Polity and the Union. The Polity and the Union remained locked in a brutal and unforgiving war, when, after sustaining devastating injuries, pilot Julian Chase (Jordan) returns from the dead in the form of a Holon warrior, one of a select few whose mind is compatible with the mech-suit GEN:LOCK program. As Dr. Weller (Tennant) works to crack the gen:LOCK code, it’s up to Chase, Miranda (Fanning), Cammie (Williams), and their team of intrepid Polity fighters to fend off the authoritarian Union. But as the war rages on, Chase must decide if he’s willing to sacrifice everything – including friends, family, and his own humanity – to save an increasingly hostile world.

You can check out the trailer for GEN:LOCK Season 2 below:

In addition, a brand-new podcast called UN:LOCKED premieres today as well with new episodes coming each and every Thursday! You can check out the podcast on HBO Max,, Rooster Teeth apps, and other audio platforms.

The podcast is hosted by Blaine Gibson, CypherDen, and CurtRichy. Each week they will dive into the latest exciting episode in the new season of Rooster Teeth’s hit series gen:LOCK, discussing every jaw-dropping moment and interviewing behind-the-scenes guests to bring fans along for the ride of their lives. Let the good times roll!

To check out the podcast, simply click the link and pick your preferred listening platform: un:LOCKED: The Official gen:LOCK Companion Podcast (

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