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How Sora Got Into Super Smash Bros Ultimate Revealed!

It was the absolute delight of Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans when Sora was revealed to be coming to the game, and now he’s been in the game for a few days and fans are loving it all the more. But the biggest question amongst fans was, “Why did it take so long?”

Well, Masahiro Sakurai has come to answer that via his column in Famitsu. Part of it was translated and posted on Twitter and it confirmed what many felt was the case: Disney. Kingdom Hearts is part Square-Enix characters and part Disney properties, so both of them have a say for where characters like Sora goes. Apparently, Sakurai didn’t feel that he would get him in Super Smash Bros Ultimate until a fortuitous chance appeared and a deal was done.

As you can expect, Nintendo had to follow some STRICT rules to get him in Ultimate, and it was the confirmation that they could get him that led to Fighter Pack 2 going from 5 characters to 6. We’ll be talking about Sora in Smash on the next episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, so stay tuned!