Young Souls Headed Art

Playable demo of Young Souls heads to Steam later this week.

Fans itching to check out Young Souls on PC will get their chance very soon.

Today, Arcade Crew and 1P2P Studios has announced that Young Souls, the co-op RPG, will have a playable demo on Steam later this week during Steam Next Fest. From October 1st-7th, Young Souls will be playable on Steam and will provide a sampling of what’s available in the full game. 

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer 1P2P Studio today announced Young Souls, a co-op RPG beat ‘em up following misfit twins and their fight across realms to save their loved one, will bring its moving quest to Steam Next Fest starting Oct. 1. The title was previously exclusively available on Stadia and will reach Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in Q4 2021.

Fans eager for a fight can meet the twins between Oct. 1 – 7 through Young Souls’ upcoming Steam Next Fest demo, which spans the game’s opening battles and sets the stage for a grand showdown as an unfathomable danger closes in. The demo will be accessible from the game’s main Steam page: 

Young Souls’ engrossing narrative follows Jenn and Tristan’s search for their guardian, a professor who mysteriously vanished just before the twins discovered an inexplicable portal within his estate. The duo now spend their days roaming their quaint town, gaining advantages through gym sessions and buying fresh outfits ahead of their all-night fights to clear dungeons brimming with foes. With the fate of their most cherished companion as well as the greater world in their hands, Jenn and Tristan must brave immeasurable dangers and endure the defining battles of their lives.

Take it from me, as I recently had a chance to play a slice of the game in this Young Souls Preview, this game is fun. Not to mention, it’s similar to other games such as Guardian Heroes and River City Girls. So if you enjoyed those games, you’re going to love this.