It’s the weekend, and chances are you’re busying playing with your Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, or something else. I don’t blame you, as I just got done playing lots of Demon’s Souls. But with the weekend, I also happen to do a lot of net surfing (do people even say that anymore?).

Just about every week, I search up whatever pops into my mind, and I follow it down the rabbit hole. However, last week my topic was Castlevania, specifically Castlevania video game music. And boy, did I find some tracks that I’ve never heard before. In particular was Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse remix from YouTuber Chipboy. It’s also a game that I adored at my younger age; hell, it still is even today.

Castlevania III was the first game of the series that enabled players to switch between characters once they acquired them, which was part of the game’s appeal. I still remember fighting and then befriending Grant, the pirate, who had this ability to cling to ways. It really changed the way you could approach levels. The game also dropped the RPG elements from Castlevania II and incorporated branching paths. Instead of being linear, you could choose what level you wanted to tackle – it was great. I still remember my late Father getting me a copy of the game for Christmas, and I found out. I’d wait until he went to work and would sneak into where he hid the Christmas gifts and play the game. Until one day, he caught me; let me say I was in deep dodo, but he forgave me and gave me the game earlier. That’s just the kind of person my father was.

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Released a year ago, Chipboy took the entire soundtrack and remixed it into one 40-minute video that makes for some good listening. Starting from the game’s opening act up to the very end, this remixed soundtrack is pretty damned good. A soundtrack that any self-respecting Castlevania fan should give a listen to.

Check out the video below.

There are several other interesting tidbits on Chipboy’s channel, including a Contra NES remix, Mega Man 9, and more. So once you’re done checking out the Castlevania III remixed OST, give his other stuff a listen.


Who knows, maybe I’ll keep bringing you more video game music stories for the weekends. If you like this idea, let me know by leaving a comment. Thanks, and enjoy!

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