Yakuza: Like A Dragon Hero Trailer and English Cast Unveiled Including Legend George Takei

SEGA finally confirms a release window on when they will bring the next entry of Yakuza to the west. Yakuza: Like A Dragon is slated for a November 2020 release window.  Shown off for the first time, with English voice acting.

If you listened to the narrator, you may hear a familiar voice from the past. Famed Actor George Takei will be lending his voice as Masumi Arakawa. While the lead role of Ichiban Kasuga will be voiced by voice actor Kaiji Tang. Other actors include Greg Chun and Elizabeth Maxwell. Sega  released the actors involved as followed:

  • Ichiban Kasuga: Kaiji Tang
  • Masumi Arakawa: George Takei
  • Koichi Adachi: Andrew Morgado
  • Yu Nanba: Greg Chun
  • Saeko Mukoda: Elizabeth Maxwell

Also released is a behind the scenes highlight of George’s character and how his own personal life influenced in playing the role of Masumi. There is also a behind the scenes look at Kaiji Tang’s role of Ichiban Kasuga.

For those who are planning to wait for the PS5 version, SEGA has announced they will be implementing a way to “upgrade” for those who have the PS4 version. Currently, PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions will be released at the November 2020 release window. Xbox Series will get this as a launch title. While the PS5 version will come at a later date.

The game will release in two different editions. The standard edition of game, Yakuza: Like A Dragon Hero Edition will sell at $59.99. This includes the Legends Costume set, Job Set with two extra job classes; Devil Rocker and Matriarch, and Management Mode set which allows extra employees for the mini-game. The Legendary Hero Edition will see at  $99.99. This will include everything from the standard edition, but added is a Crafting, Karaoke, Stat Boost, and Ultimate Costume set. 

Again, those who preorder will get extra costumes that allow you to dress up Kasuga and the rest of the cast as other characters from prior games. This includes outfits like Kiryu Kazuma, Majima Goro, Haruka Sawamura, Daigo Dojima, and other supporting characters.

Ready yourselves Yakuza fans, this Fall we are going back to that life.