This LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System is awesome and pricey

Nintendo and LEGO had been hitting at some special for a while now and today they finally showed it off; a LEGO set that looks like the Nintendo Entertainment System of old. While this isn’t the first LEGO that features Nintendo or it’s properties, it is one of the biggest, with not only a replica of the NES but also a CRT TV with Super Mario Bros. being played on it. It’s just like it was when I was a youngling.

Announced via Twitter earlier today, fans everywhere went crazy, both due to the project and the accompanying price tag. No one said LEGO was cheap, and high price tags are normal for those who are deeply into LEGO. This set includes over 2600 pieces and has a hefty price tag of $229.99. Which puts it up there in price and piece number, alongside the LEGO Technic kits.

What’s interesting about this set, well other than it looks like an actual NES, is that the TV has a crank, that once turned will replicate playing the actual Super Mario Bros. game.

I’ve already shown this to my wife who is a huge LEGO lover and she loves it. Mind you, I didn’t tell her the price as it might put her off. More than a reason to build this with her, all the LEGO’s she builds ends up in my off. Of which I think it would look stunning in here if I do say so my self. Hey, I won’t tell if you won’t.

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System set will be released on August 1st and will be sold on and LEGO stores. I do not doubt that this will sell out on its initial run, as all cool-looking LEGO sets ultimately do.

If the price puts you off, just keep in mind that this is far from the most expensive LEGO kit out there. This sexy looking LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 that I have my eye on is priced at $379.99! While the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, which is super hard to find is an outstanding $799.99.