New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap Game Revealed For Nintendo Switch

Way back on the N64, Nintendo took inspiration from the Pokemon anime and made a game they called Pokemon Snap. The concept was simple, you played a photographer named Todd (great name) and you would go around and take pictures of Pokemon. The more pictures you took, the more areas you could explore and the more Pokemon you could see! Including Mew! Fans BEGGED for a sequel, but we never got one…until now! As New Pokemon Snap has been revealed for the Nintendo Switch!

As you’ll see in the trailer via the tweet below, the game sends you to various islands that have Pokemon, and just like in the original, you’ll be in a rail cart that’ll move you through the islands and waters so you can go and see and capture Pokemon on camera!

The game makes it very clear that the title will feature Pokemon from all regions, as we see Kanto, Alola and other regions represented in the game! Sadly, we don’t know when it’s coming out as it’s “Under Construction”, but the fact that New Pokemon Snap exists at all is something to cheer over!