Maho no Ken Light Novel Releases First Chapter

It was announced today that AyKay’s original English light novel, Maho no Ken, has begun releasing chapters digitally! The first chapter of the series became available as of today, June 1. 

AyKay describes Maho no Ken as follows:

He’s got a goal in mind, one singular goal. To reach it he’ll need strength and a lot of it. What better place to cultivate his abilities than a prestigious magic school? Yuuto Mamoru will need more than just power to make it through. If he wants to thrive in this new environment he’ll need to learn from his past and find a way to use it to forge a new path into the future.

The series is being released online through Tapas, a creator community dedicated to bite-sized stories on the go. Tapas currently has over 79,000 stories published through its online platform! You can check out the series as well as subscribe for more updates at the following link: