Phil Spencer says Xbox Series X game reveals are coming soon

While Xbox has done what I feel is a bad up drop on promoting the upcoming Xbox Series X console, I can’t say the same for the game line-up. Outside of a few titles we already knew about, such as Halo Infinite, the company has been quiet on what gamers can expect for the next-gen console. However, according to the main man over at Xbox, Phil Spencer, that is going to change soon.

In a recent reply to the question posed to him via Twitter, Spencer replied that he had reviewed plans for releasing more info and that the team has been listening to the fans regarding transparency.

As previously mentioned, we do know about several confirmed games; Halo Infinite, Outriders, Gears of War 5 (Enhanced), Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Watch Dogs Legion, and a few others. However, we’re sure that Xbox has been keeping a number of other titles under wraps until the right time. Seeing how we’re all stuck in our homes, this would be the perfect time to drum up some excitement.

When it comes to both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, it’s clear that Microsoft has been more forthcoming with drip-feeding us with information. While we know the system specs for the PS5 and what the new controller, DualSense, nothing more. With the Xbox Series X we know quite a bit more; system specs, what the console and controller look like and we’ve seen some of the available feature sets.

As to when we’ll hear more from Xbox, is anyone’s guess. As all of the on-site gaming conventions have been axed thanks to COVID-19, everything is now a digital event. Meaning new information can be dropped at any time, even possibly a new Insider Xbox Livestream. Well, Phil said soon, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

The Xbox Series X releases this Holiday 2020, alongside the PlayStation 5. Better get your money ready if you plan on acquiring both next-generation consoles.