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Nintendo NYC Is Closed Indefinitely Due to Corona Virus

Well another one bites the dust due to the Corona Virus.

Nintendo’s first party store in New York will be closed indefinitely until regulations allow.

So no direct reaction for tomorrow’s Indie Direct. I’m personally sad as that is my go-to store for all things Nintendo, as I live in Brooklyn. They also hold great events for all major releases. I can’t help but wonder what they could’ve done for this week’s release of Animal Crossing New Horizons. They say to rely for now on either or other online retailers for Nintendo physical goods.

That only leaves GameStop, Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy, to name some retailers. Course this depends if any stores will be open as well due to the same virus fears, as many places are closed in the main Manhattan borough until further notice. So if anyone is going to buy Animal Crossing this Friday, do exercise caution and be careful.

Here is hoping that this pandemic goes by as soon as possible so that Nintendo fans in New York can celebrate once again.