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Nintendo Announces New “Indie World” Showcase

It has been many months since a pure Nintendo Direct has been done. We’ve had several game-specific Directs like the Pokemon Direct that announced the DLC for Sword and Shield, as well as Smash Bros Direct that introduced Byleth into the game. But fans are wondering when we’ll get a pure Direct our way. If rumors and reveals are true, it might be sooner rather than later, as Nintendo has announced a new Indie World Showcase for tomorrow.

Nintendo has been putting a lot of love and care into getting “Nindies” on the Nintendo Switch, and the Indie market has boomed on the console in various ways. So having a new Indie World Showcase to start off the new quarter year (which ends in March) is a good idea.

Now, as for how this applies to the new pure Nintendo Direct that many are wondering, rumors have been spreading the last few weeks that two Direct were coming. One was for a Nindies Showcase, and the other was a pure Nintendo Direct. The first part of that “prophecy” has now come true, so now we’ll have to wait another week (based on the rumors) to see if the other half comes true.

Nintendo indeed needs to release a pure Nintendo Direct soon because when it comes to their 2020 lineup, we have only one exclusive 1st party title left after March 20th in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, and we don’t know when that’s coming out. So hopefully that Direct will come and reveal what else Switch owners have to look forward to.