Nvidia GeForce Now

Top 5 questions people have me asked about Nvidia’s GeForce Now

Ever since Nvidia announced that GeForce Now was no longer in beta and was ready for public consumption, I’ve seen a number of questions regarding the service. So I figured why not answer the top 5 questions that I’ve been asked over the past week. That way, I’m able to help you understand the service more and what to expect.

The questions that I’ve answered in this short but handy video are as follows:

  • How does it compare to other cloud streaming services such as Google Stadia?
  • What devices can use GeForce Now?
  • Why is there a free and a paid teir?
  • What is the maximum resolution of GeForce Now?
  • How many games are currently available for GeForce

You can find our list of available optimized and playable GeForce Now games here. And should you have any other questions regarding GeForce Now, leave a comment below and we’ll answer them for you.

Sign up for GeForce Now – https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now/