There were many big-name third-party games that came to Nintendo Switch in 2019, and some of them were exclusives to the system. One that many fans had a lot of hope for was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, the return of the beloved action-RPG series set in the vast Marvel universe. Today, Nintendo released their 3rd quarter results for 2019, and in some of the supplemental numbers for the quarter was the reveal that the game had finally crossed 1 million units sold.

The game came out in July just a week before Fire Emblem Three Houses (which is at 2.58 million units sold) released. Whether that had any effect on the sales is neither here nor there. The point is that the franchise came back, and fans clearly liked it enough to spread the word and get it to a million units despite the last one having come out in the PS3 era.

While it’s unclear what this will mean as a whole in terms of future partnerships with Marvel, it is something to be hopeful for. Again, this was an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, and if Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 could do good on the system, it could mean that other titles could do well on the system too. Even if it just means Marvel Ultimate Alliance 4, which I’m sure many Marvel gamer fans would be happy about.


The content for MUA3 continues to roll out. The game has already gotten DLC focusing on the Marvel Knights brand and the X-Men, with the third (and likely final) DLC focusing on Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four. The game has also gotten new costumes recently for players to enjoy swapping onto character like Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, Venom, and more.

Perhaps with the sales of the Switch being this good, more DLC will come, but this is not confirmed.

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