It’s been an interesting set of weeks for the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast! There’s been a lot of news, a lot of good games, and so much more!

First up, Todd and Will talk about their recent gaming exploits! Todd has been playing Pokemon Sword and Shield and has beaten it! Meanwhile, Will has been playing Death Stranding…because of course he did…

Then, in the news, a lot of interesting things have been going on! First up, the Switch has had a BIG Thanksgiving week in terms of sales! Also, Sakurai likes Death Stranding? You can be Link in Super Mario Maker 2? Dante from Devil May Cry coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Mewtwo is in a Pokemon store in Shibuya? WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!


Finally, in the main event, with Pokemon Sword and Shield now out, and with the time that has been put into them…what’s next? The guys talk about what they hope the game will be like in the next generation based on the improvements made in Sword and Shield! How will battles improve? What about the Wild Area? What about the story? The guys break it all down!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

Plus, vote in our poll question! What’s one thing that needs to be improved for the next generation Pokemon games?

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