SNES Switch Controllers now available for purchase

Get em before they’re all gone

The SNES Switch controllers are now available for purchase on Nintendo’s website.

First leaked a few weeks ago and then finally confirmed via last week’s Nintendo Direct, these controllers the perfect way to play your favorite Super Nintendo games on the Switch. They’re currently priced at $29.99 and Nintendo has imposed a limit of four controllers per Nintendo account. Which I suppose is their way of trying to stop these for ending up on eBay or another auction site. Though I feel that this is ultimately futile as people always find ways around this sort of thing.


They’ll ship on September 18th, 2019, and according to Nintendo, they’ll take 6-10 days to reach you.

While they’re only available Nintendo’s website, I’d imagine they’ll find their way to other locations. Such as Amazon and Gamestop. Especially since both of those locations also sell the NES Classic controllers.

You also won’t be able to do much outside of using these controllers for SNES and NES games on the Switch. As they’re missing some important features such as four shoulder buttons instead of two and the missing control sticks. Still, it does retain its wireless ability, which means no reliving those moments when your family member or friend ran in front of you and somehow managed to yank the controller of your hands or Super Nintendo. You all know what I’m talking about.

I’d purchase at least one of these before they’re all gone. As for me, I’ve gone ahead and ordered a pair, just for being prepared and for reliving those SNES moments with my kiddos. Besides, it doesn’t feel right playing Super Metroid with anything else.


SNES Switch Online controller-01


If the North American Super Nintendo Controller isn’t your thing, Nintendo of Japan is also selling the Japanese edition. You know, the one with the multicolored buttons. They’re available for 3,218 yen and sadly, are only shipping them domestically. If you must have one of these and don’t live in Japan or knows someone who does, then eBay is going to be your best option for now.

SNES Switch Online Controller - Japanese-01

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